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Apiman 3.1.2 released!

I’m delighted to announce that I have released Apiman 3.1.2.Final.

One particularly useful change I’d like to highlight is that the Vert.x Gateway’s API, when secured by Keycloak, now accepts a list of additionally accepted issuers using allowed-issuers, which is useful for users with more complex auth setups.

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Apiman 3.1.0 released!

I’m delighted to announce that I have released Apiman 3.1.0.Final.

Aside from numerous bug fixes and a few interesting new features, this includes a security fix for CVE-2023-28640.

Due to an issue with the release pipeline, we ended up having to cut a 3.1.1.Final release also, but it’s identical to 3.1.0.Final.

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Leaping forwards with Apiman 3

I’m delighted to announce that I have released Apiman 3.0.0.Final.

This is one of the most significant releases in Apiman’s history, with a considerable number of new features and behind-the-scenes improvements.

There is also a new Docker Compose distribution that makes Apiman easier than ever to try out; please give it a go and let us know your thoughts.

Oh, and I’ve created a completely new Jekyll-based website for Apiman that will help me better automate releases β€” I hope you like it!

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Apiman 2.2.0.Final has been released (updates Keycloak to 15.1.1 & WildFly to 23.0.2.Final)

Happy Holidays, Apiman fans!

I’ve released Apiman 2.2.0.Final to upgrade Keycloak to 15.1.1 and WildFly to 23.0.2.Final. This is primarily because of another significant security vulnerability that has been disclosed in those platforms.

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Apiman 2.1.5.Final has been released - please update if you’re on an old version

Hi, Apiman fans!

I hope you’re all well, and Season’s Greetings to those of you who celebrate Christmas πŸŽ„.

I’d like to remind Apiman users to consider updating to Apiman 2.1.5 promptly, as it contains fixes for the now well-known log4j2 bugs.

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Apiman 2.1.0.Final has been released πŸš€

I’m very pleased to say that we’ve released Apiman 2.1.0.Final πŸ‘. We’ve splatted a huge number of bugs and made a lot of improvements to stability, performance, and security.

Please consult the migration guide here if you are planning to upgrade from an earlier version if Apiman (especially if you’re using Elasticsearch).

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Version 1.5 of Apiman is released!

I’m happy to announce that Apiman 1.5.1.Final is out.

It contains an important new policy feature: the ability to modify policy failures before they are returned to users (even if they are thrown by another policy).

This means that policies such as CORS can add their headers, irrespective of whether the request was successful or not (e.g. due to rate limiting).

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Version 1.4.3 of Apiman is released!

Apiman 1.4.3.Final is out. It contains a couple of bug-fixes. Most notably, a bug in the Vert.x Gateway that prevented plugins specified in static config (conf.json) from being loaded properly.

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Version 1.4 of Apiman is released!

I’m delighted to announce that Apiman 1.4 has been released (actually, 1.4.1.Final as of this blog post [1]).

The most important change in this release is that we’ve upgraded support for Elasticsearch from 1.x to 5.x. It may also support Elasticsearch 2.x, but this isn’t officially supported (let us know your experiences).

1. We fixed a couple of bugs spotted in 1.4.0.Final by the community before the blog was written
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Version 1.3.5.Final of Apiman is released

Apiman 1.3.5.Final is out and ready for you all to try.

This just contains some UI reversions, as we still have some tough-to-fix gremlins. We’ll bring the updates back once we’re able to fix the issues.

It contains all the same fixes and features as 1.3.4.Final.

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Version 1.3.4.Final of Apiman is released!

Apiman 1.3.4.Final is out and ready for you all to try.

You may be wondering where 1.3.2.Final and 1.3.3.Final are; early community testing found some regressions, so we skipped formally announcing those.

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Version 1.3.1.Final of apiman is released!

I’m delighted to announce that Apiman 1.3.1.Final is out, with several notable new features and improvements [1].

1. The more eagle-eyed amongst you will no doubt have noticed that most of this was actually released a few days ago.
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Version 1.3.0.Final of apiman is released!

Last week we released apiman 1.3.0.Final. It’s been rather a long while coming, but hopefully you’ll be pleased with the improvements.

This release has some important new features, a substantial number of bug-fixes, and marks the official release of the Apiman Vert.x Gateway.

Importantly, this release has a lot of background work which has prepared the ground for the upcoming initial community integration with 3scale, as outlined in previous blogs.

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Version 1.2.4.Final of apiman is released!

Greetings, earthlings! On Friday of last week we released the absolute best version of apiman ever! This release has a fair number of bugs fixed, as well as a few new things. Read on for the details!

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Version 1.2.3.Final of apiman is released!

Greetings, earthlings! Yesterday we released the best version of apiman yet, and I’m not just saying that because the version number (1.2.3.Final) is awesome. This release has a bunch of bug fixes in it, as well as a few targeted new features. Read on for more details!

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