Version 1.3.4.Final of Apiman is released!

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Apiman 1.3.4.Final is out and ready for you all to try.

You may be wondering where 1.3.2.Final and 1.3.3.Final are; early community testing found some regressions, so we skipped formally announcing those.

Download 1.3.4.Final

Tonnes of bug-fixes

If you had bugs, please try 1.3.4.Final. There’s a reasonable chance we addressed them.

This includes issues such as: same-key headers being handled improperly in the Servlet edition; a variety of config and UI bugs; import-export issues; Vert.x config and connection issues.

If you still have problems, then please let us know on the mailing list or via filing a bug.

List entities directly on the Gateway API

We extended the Apiman Gateway API to allow you to list entities directly. This is useful for our CLI (which will soon be bundled with Apiman releases).

We’ll have some more formal documentation shortly, but a short summary:

The credentials to access the Apiman Gateway API are likely different from the UI. The quickstart demo is apimanager/apiman123!.


$ curl -k 'https://apimanager:apiman123!@localhost:8443/apiman-gateway-api/organizations'

["FooOrganization", "OtherOrg"]
List Organizations


Returns: Array of Organization IDs.

List all APIs in Organization

api-gateway-api/organization/{Organization ID}/apis

Returns: Array of API IDs.

List all Api Versions in Organization

api-gateway-api/organization/{Organization ID}/apis/{API Version}

Returns: Array of API Version objects.

List all Clients in Organization


Returns: Array of Client IDs.

List all Client Versions in Organization

api-gateway-api/organization/{Organization ID}/clients/{Client Version}

Returns: Array of Client Version objects.

WildFly 11

We’re now officially distributing a WildFly 11 overlay, with a newer version of Keycloak.

There are corresponding Docker quickstart images available.

Master Docker builds

As a component of our CI, we are now producing Docker builds of all successful builds of Apiman’s master branch. So, if you need to test something on the bleeding edge, it should be much easier now.

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -p 8443:8443 apiman/on-wildfly11:master

Latest always refers to the latest release (e.g 1.3.4.Final), whilst master refers to the latest successful HEAD of master and hence moves frequently.

CLI work

Working with the community, we’ve been successfully developing a large amount of CLI functionality. We expect this to be bundled with an Apiman release soon.

One key feature will be the ability to apply YAML declarations against the Apiman Manager or Apiman Gateway, allowing users to set the state of their system in a more static way.

This will be in addition to traditional CLI functions to do one thing at a time.

Separate blog-post on that soon.

Apiman plans to move to Elasticsearch 5.x. Give your feedback.

The next planned release of Apiman will move Elasticsearch to 5.x. We plan to drop ES 1.x support. If an upgrade/migration would be particularly problematic, please let us know on the mailing list or open a ticket.

The work on this is nearing completion, so feedback now would be valuable.

Release Notes

Note that some issues resolved may not have been assigned tickets, so this is a partial set.

Thanks to the Community

Thanks to the community for their valuable contributions to this release. We had a meaningful number of features, bug reports, and bug-fixes.