Apiman Support

Do you need help or services relating to Apiman?

Community Support

Community support is provided by contributors to the upstream, with questions answered in GitHub Issues and Apiman Discussions when people have time. This is strictly on a voluntary basis, and there are no guarantees provided. Please be respectful of the fact people are volunteering their time and expertise.

Apiman Discussions

Whether debating deployment architectures or showing off your latest plugin project, this is a place to discuss all things Apiman.

Found an Issue?

If you find a problem with Apiman, please open a ticket on Apiman's GitHub Issues bug tracker.

Commercial Support

If you need commercial-grade Apiman support, consulting, training, or other professional services, then the following companies are major ongoing and long-term contributors to the Apiman project.

The reality is, as with many open source projects, the overwhelming majority of contributions are made by a small number of dedicated individuals and companies. They have the deep expertise in Apiman needed to undertake even the most complex projects.

Their sponsorship of Apiman's developers is essential to the project's continuation.

Black Parrot Labs

Black Parrot Labs was founded by Apiman's co-founder and maintainer Marc Savy.

Black Parrot Labs provides long-term, enterprise-grade support and professional services to companies using Apiman in production. We ensure that our clients have the confidence to deploy critical Apiman workloads, knowing they have our unparalleled Apiman expertise behind them if something goes wrong.

Our Apiman CVE monitoring and patching program is a cornerstone of our offering; we actively inform customers when a vulnerability is found, and provide rapid assessment, mitigations and patches — all tailored specifically to your unique deployment and available 24/7.

One of our core missions is to ensure the health of the Apiman open source community; we invest a large proportion of our engineering and financial resources into maintaining Apiman. No other company has this commitment, and we have been the principal contributors and maintainers of the Apiman project for a long time.

Nobody knows Apiman better.

Historic Supporters

Without these companies, Apiman would not be what it is today. We'd like to thank them for their past significant support and participation in Apiman.

Logo for Red Hat (JBoss)

Red Hat (JBoss)

Apiman was started by a small team of engineers at Red Hat's middleware division (then called JBoss). After an acquisition, Red Hat decided they would not continue actively sponsoring the project.

Without Red Hat, Apiman would not exist!

An immense thank you to those who enabled Apiman to thrive 🙌.

Logo for Scheer PAS

Scheer PAS

Scheer PAS is the platform for flexible end-to-end support of individual processes. It stands for digitization and automation, regardless of how many people, systems or companies need to be integrated.

Scheer PAS API Management is based on Apiman and offers you also enterprise support.

You may visit Scheer PAS documentation for further details.