Apiman is an open source project, it only survives because of the contributions of the companies and individuals that continue its development. Whether you want to contribute by working with the project's developers, or by making your own contributions, we value your involvement.

Project History

Apiman was founded by Eric Wittmann and Marc Savy whilst working at Red Hat in Kevin Conner’s team.

Later, we were joined by Rachel Yordán, and eventually our wonderful QE team (Len DiMaggio, Jakub Čecháček, Miroslav Jaros, and Štefan Bunčiak).

After Red Hat did an acquisition, Eric and Rachel moved onto other things internally, and Marc left Red Hat.

Marc has continued working (way too hard) on Apiman, and founded Black Parrot Labs as a way to fund continued development of Apiman, and provide commercial-grade support for enterprises using Apiman.

As with so many open source projects, whilst the benefit of Apiman has been felt widely, the overwhelming bulk of contributions have been made by a small number of dedicated individuals.

Without Apiman’s stalwarts over the years, there would be no Apiman, so we thank everyone who has contributed and keeps the project vibrant 🙌.

Get Involved


A place to discuss all things Apiman.

We'd particularly like to hear your success stories and how you use Apiman in the wild.

Found an Issue?

If you find a problem with Apiman, please open a ticket on Apiman's GitHub Issues bug tracker.

Apiman Developer Portal

Apiman's standalone developer portal UI, written in modern Angular. This is an easy place to get started if you want to contribute.


Assuming Twitter still exists by the time you read this, you can follow the Apiman team at @apiman_io.

Apiman Plugins

Curated repository of policy plugins for Apiman. Helpful as examples if you want to develop your own.

Migration Guide

If you're moving to a new version of Apiman, please refer to our migration guide before upgrading.

Code of Conduct

Apiman's code of conduct for contributors. Basically, be nice. Adhere to the golden rule, and you won't go far wrong.

Security Reporting Policy

You find a security issue and wish to responsibly report it, you can find who to contact here.