Many of the entities in the API Manager support multiple simultaneous versions. These include the following:

  • Plans

  • APIs

  • Client Apps

Typically, once an entity is frozen (e.g. Locked or Published) it can no longer be modified. But often as things change, modifications to the API Management configuration are necessary.

For example, as an API implementation evolves, the policies associated with it in the API Manager may need to change.

Versioning allows this to happen, by providing a way for a user to create a new version of a particular API (or Client App or Plan) and then make changes to it.

To create a new version of an entity:

  • View the details of the entity and click the 'New Version' button in the UI.

  • This will allow you to make a new version of the entity.

  • You can either make a simple, empty new version or you can make a clone of an existing version. The latter is typically more convenient when making incremental changes.

"Public" APIs and Client Apps can be modified and re-published (or re-registered) in the Gateway without the need to create a new version.