Transformation Policy


This policy converts an API format between JSON and XML. If an API is implemented to return XML, but a client would prefer to receive JSON data, this policy can be used to automatically convert both the request and response bodies. In this way, the client can work with JSON data even though the back-end API requires XML (and responds with XML).

Note that this policy is very generic, and does an automatic conversion between XML and JSON. For more control over the specifics of the format conversion, a custom policy may be a better choice.


    "groupId": "io.apiman.plugins",
    "artifactId": "apiman-plugins-transformation-policy",
    "version": "3.1.3.Final"


The configuration of this policy consists of two properties which indicate:

  1. the format required by the client

  2. the format required by the back-end server

From these two properties, the policy can decide how (and if) to convert the data.

  • clientFormat (enum) : The format required by the client, possible values are: 'XML', 'JSON'

  • serverFormat (enum) : The format required by the server, possible values are: 'XML', 'JSON'

Sample Configuration

   "clientFormat" : "JSON",
   "serverFormat" : "XML"