Managing Plans

Plans must be managed within the scope of an organization. Once created, plans can be used for any API defined within that same organization.

To see a list of existing plans for an organization, navigate to the 'Plans' tab for that organization on its details page.

Creating a Plan

Plans can be created easily from the 'Plans' tab of the organization details page. Simply click the 'New Plan' button and then provide a plan name, version, and description.

Once that information is provided, click the 'Create Plan' button.

If successfully created, you’ll be taken to the plan details page.

Plan Policies

If you switch to the 'Policies' tab on the plan details page you can configure the list of policies for the plan.

Please note that the order of the policies can be changed and is important. The order that the policies appear in the user interface determines the order they will be applied at runtime.

You can drag a policy up and down the list to change the order.

To add a policy to the plan click the 'Add Policy' button. On the resulting page choose the type of policy you wish to create and then configure the details for that policy.

Once you have configured the details click the 'Add Policy' button to add the policy to the plan.

Locking the Plan

Once all your plan policies are added and configured the way you want them, you will need to lock the plan. This can be done from any tab of the Plan UI page.

Locking the plan will prevent all future policy changes, and make the plan available for use by APIs.