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CORS? Of Course!

If you’re looking to define CORS policies in your API Management layer, then we have an official plugin that should be perfect for the job.

For those unfamiliar with CORS, it’s a way of precisely defining who and how a remote origin may invoke an API’s resources. Generally, due to the same-origin policy, a web browser will only allow the invocation of resources that reside on the same origin as the requesting page. This mitigates a range of malicious script attacks by preventing interaction with remote resources.

However, if we want our resource to be callable by some (or all) other origins, then we need to define a CORS policy which lets user agent know what’s allowed.

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Adding a BASIC Authentication Policy to a Managed API in JBoss apiman

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In this, the fourth article in the series on apiman, JBoss' new API Management framework, we’ll examine how apiman enables you to not just manage APIs, but implement a layer of security to the APIs by adding an authentication requirement when client apps access a managed API.

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A great way to test your custom apiman policy!

If you have tried creating your own custom apiman policy, you may have had a bit of difficulty creating useful JUnit tests for it. Many policies require various apiman runtime components to be available. It can be super annoying trying to use something like mockito to create mock versions of everything your policy needs. Even for simple policies you really just want a quick and effective way to test the implementation within a reasonably "real world" harness.

Well you’ve probably guessed by now that I’m about to show you how it’s done! (OK fine, how it will be done in the next release of apiman - 1.1.3.Final)

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Authorization: good god, what is it good for?

Quite a bit, actually. :)

I want to talk about how Authorization currently works in apiman, because it’s a little more loosely coupled than you might expect. Note that at some point in the future we’re going to be renovating how policies are defined and configured in the API Manager UI. But until then, you can refer to this blog post for an overview of how to configure Authorization!

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