Apiman Quickstart

Docker Compose

The Apiman Docker Compose distro is new in Apiman 3. We need your feedback, support, and suggestions.

Please leave your thoughts in this GitHub Discussions thread.

The easiest way to try Apiman is with our Docker Compose distribution. It is also arranged in a way that is more representative of a real-world deployment; broken down into its constituent parts, with all features enabled, and using a production-grade database.

  1. Download the Apiman Docker Compose distribution.

  2. unzip apiman-docker-compose-3.1.3.Final.zip && cd apiman-docker-compose-3.1.3.Final

  3. docker-compose -f docker-compose.setup.yml up

  4. docker-compose up

  5. Open apiman.local.gd:8080/apimanui

  6. 🎉 Success!

  • Refer to the distro’s README.adoc for more information, it’s in the root of the zip. You will find a list of endpoints, including devportal and a mock mail server.

  • It may take a short while to boot all services and for the Apiman endpoints to become available, especially if you are using a system with virtualised container support (e.g. Windows).

  • Don’t forget to look at .env for a variety of useful settings.