This guide explores downloading and installing the Apiman quickstarts.

The distribution consists of:

  • Apiman Manager (apiman.war)

  • Apiman Manager UI (apimanui.war)

  • Apiman Developer Portal UI (apiman-developer-portal.war)

  • Apiman Gateway (apiman-gateway.war)

  • Apiman Gateway API (apiman-gateway-api.war)


Set up Keycloak IDM

In order to manage our users and provide login security we will use Keycloak.

For instructions, please refer to: Keycloak SSO Setup

We will assume you have not changed anything from the default Keycloak realm definition for the purposes of this guide [1]. Please substitute your changes, where appropriate.

Installing Apiman on WildFly

Apiman can target WildFly as a runtime environment. In order to install Apiman you will need to download both WildFly and the Apiman overlay distribution.

Once both are downloaded, it’s a simple matter of unpacking both into the same location.


First you will need to download both WildFly and Apiman:

wget https://download.jboss.org/wildfly/23.0.2.Final/wildfly-23.0.2.Final.zip

wget https://github.com/apiman/apiman/releases/download/3.1.3.Final/apiman-distro-wildfly-3.1.3.Final-overlay.zip


Once both files have been downloaded, simply unpack both in the same location.

unzip wildfly-23.0.2.Final.zip

unzip -o apiman-distro-wildfly-3.1.3.Final-overlay.zip -d wildfly-23.0.2.Final

Run Apiman on WildFly

Ensure you have set APIMAN_AUTH_URL as described in the Keycloak Setup section.

The Apiman overlay contains everything needed to run Apiman, including:

  • Apiman binaries (several WAR files)

  • Apiman-specific WildFly configuration (standalone-apiman.xml)

  • Apiman RDBMS datasource (h2)

  • Drivers for some popular databases, including H2, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. See API Manager Database Configuration for more.

  • Pre-configured admin user with password admin123!

export APIMAN_AUTH_URL=<Your keycloak URL>
cd wildfly-23.0.2.Final
./bin/standalone.sh -c standalone-apiman.xml

Logging In

Once Apiman is running, you should be able to log in to the API Manager by pointing your browser at the following URL:


Log in with credentials admin/admin123!

We strongly advise that you immediately change the Keycloak admin user’s password, as well as the admin user found in the apiman realm!

You can do that by logging into your Keycloak console. If you followed this tutorial, it will be at localhost:8085/admin/

Installing using Docker

1. Available in your distro zip, apiman/data/default-realm-for-apiman.json