Apiman Quickstart

Choose Your Setup

  1. Vert.x Gateway and Servlet-based Manager Recommended for best performance.

  2. Servlet-based Gateway and Servlet-based Manager. Simplest for a quick test.

Vert.x Gateway and Servlet-based Manager

Apiman consists of two broad parts, the Gateway and the Manager. This quickstart separates those elements, with the Gateway implemented in Vert.x; our most performant platform, and the Manager a Servlet-based implementation.

They are linked together in a trivial few steps.

  1. Select and download a Servlet all-in-one distro of Apiman (e.g. WildFly, Tomcat).

    • Optional: Before launching, remove apiman-gateway.war from the deployment.

  2. Download the Vert.x distro and launch using the conf-es.json configuration.

  3. Log into the Apiman UI [1] as an admin user (default: admin/admin123!).

  4. Follow the steps outlined in the gateway installation walkthrough [2].

🎉 Done!

Servlet-based Gateway and Servlet-based Manager

The Servlet-based quickstart is an all-in-one with little-or-no additional configuration needed to get going. You can start with this platform and migrate to the Vert.x gateway at a later date. It’s ideal for trying out Apiman in the shortest possible time.

  1. Select and download a Servlet all-in-one distro of Apiman (e.g. WildFly, EAP, Tomcat).

  2. Launch and log into the Apiman UI.

🎉 Done!

1. Typically this will be localhost:8080/apimanui
2. If you created a new gateway rather than editing an existing entry, you may want to delete the old one to avoid any confusion.