Servlet Configuration

The Servlet version of the Apiman gateway uses Java properties as its primary source of configuration.

This includes such platforms as WildFly, EAP, Jetty and Tomcat.

Configuration Properties

All of the Apiman WARs share a common configuration file called, which for the WildFly and EAP editions can be found in standalone/configuration.

This file therefore contains configuration settings for all three applications (API Manager, API Manager UI, API Gateway).

Please refer to the file itself, as well as this documentation, for more information on each property’s purpose and possible values.

To discover available options for components, refer to the Registries & Components documentation.

If you are running a non-Servlet gateway implementation (e.g. Vert.x), then you should refer to that gateway’s configuration documentation to understand how to configure that element.


The configuration supports variable substitution (transclusion) in the form "${FOO.SOME_VARIABLE}"; where FOO.SOME_VARIABLE is the variable to be transcluded. The following list defines the lookup sources and order of precedence for variable resolution.

  1. Properties defined in

    # some.value will now become 1234
  2. System properties: -DFOO.SOME_VARIABLE="foo"

  3. Environment: export FOO.SOME_VARIABLE="foo"

A default value can be provided, which will be used if other lookup sources fail.

For example ${MAGIC_NUMBER:-8090} will result in 8090 being set if MAGIC_NUMBER is unresolved after the prior steps.