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The More You Know: apiman microservices?

Let’s spend a bit of time learning more about one of the newer ways you can run apiman: as a set of microservices.

Running apiman in this way has several advantages, including (but not limited to):

  • Fast startup time

  • Fully decoupled

  • Easily debuggable from an IDE

  • Quick to test different configurations

  • Independently scale (esp. via fabric8/openshift/kubernetes)

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Microservices Architecture Day Appearance

I had the pleasure of presenting on apiman at the recent Microservices Architecture Developer Day, with our colleague Kurt delivering a short demo of our software running within Fabric8. It was particularly enjoyable meeting developers who are interested in, or are already using, apiman - so, thank you for your insightful questions both during, and after, the presentation.

Given the packed schedule, there was a limited amount of time to explore apiman plus microservices, and hence this seems like a good opportunity to write a blog post expanding upon the themes I touched upon.

So, if you’re interested in understanding the value API management can have in a microservices architecture; please, read on!

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