Apiman 2.X is here! We need your help to implement new features or to open feature-requests on github.

Here you will find a very high level roadmap for the apiman project. The details are subject to change, but this page can provide a basic sense of the project's priorities and version numbers.

Typically there will be multiple iterative released within a major+minor version, with the features planned for it being released within the scope of micro versions. In other words, the work planned for version 1.2 will be released as a series of micro releases such as 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3, etc...

2.X (Java Migration, new Angular UI, Custom CSS)

    Feature Help needed
  • Apiman
    • A brand new UI for Apiman in Angular Help needed
    • Migration of Java 8 to Java 11+ Help needed
  • Developer Portal
    • Implementation for JPA (currently only working with Elasticsearch) Help needed
    • Allow custom CSS and Logo Help needed
    • Show advanced API details (Remaining Rate Limit, Configured Policies, etc.) Help needed

2.1 (Developer Portal)

    Feature Released In
  • Developer Portal
    • A developer Portal for Apiman 2.1.0.Final
  • General Features & Bug Fixes
    • Elasticsearch Fixes 2.1.0.Final

2.0 (Elasticsearch 7+, Wildfly20+, Initial Data)

    Feature Released In
  • Elasticserach
    • Support for Elasticsearch 7 2.1.0.Final
  • General Features & Bug Fixes
    • Vertical sidebar in the UI for better Usability 2.1.0.Final
    • New mechanism to update/edit initial data (docker save) 2.1.0.Final
    • Simpler Quickstart Setups with Wildfly20 2.1.0.Final

1.3 (Integration)

    Feature Released In
  • Policy Eventing
    • Pluggable event firing component in Gateway
    • Ability to fire events from policies
    • Rate limiting events
    • Support internal and custom/external event listeners
  • API Gateway
    • JMS Support
    • Headless Registry (loads gateway config from JSON) (Docs) 1.3.0.Final
    • Production-grade Vert.x Gateway Distro (Docs) 1.3.0.Final
    • 3scale Immutable Registry (loads gateway config from 3scale backend with apiman policy overlay) (Docs) 1.3.1.Final
    • 3scale Mutable Registry (loads gateway config from 3scale backend with apiman policy overlay)
  • Policies & Components
    • 3scale Plugin (3scale auth, reporting, etc) 1.3.1.Final
      • 3scale API Key auth 1.3.1.Final
      • 3scale App Key & App Key auth 1.3.1.Final
      • 3scale OAuth
      • 3scale standard rate limiting 1.3.1.Final
      • 3scale batched hybrid rate limiting 1.3.1.Final
      • 3scale metrics & reporting 1.3.1.Final
  • Automation & Productivity
    • CLI tool for headless and 3scale registries. Generate config rather than hand-crafting.

1.2 (Plugins, Import/Export, Notifications & Events)

    Feature Released In
  • API Manager
    • Support for deleting stuff (Orgs, Plans, APIs, Client Apps) 1.2.4.Final
  • Policies & Components
    • LDAP Client async component 1.2.0.Final
    • JDBC Client async component 1.2.0.Final
    • Circuit Breaker Policy 1.2.4.Final
    • Request payload inspection (enables better SOAP support) 1.2.6.Final
  • Plugins
    • Plugin registry with easy-to-use UI 1.2.0.Final
    • Better support for loading/unloading plugins 1.2.0.Final
    • Better support for upgrading existing plugins 1.2.0.Final
    • Contribute policy configuration forms using custom HTML/javascript
  • Billing
    • Produce metrics for billing - store in pluggable billing storage
    • API to access billing information
    • Ability to export raw billing data
  • Import/Export

    Note: this functionality should support 1) migrating data between environments 2) upgrading apiman to a new version 3) switching between apiman configurations (e.g. going from an RDBMS to Elastic storage).

    • Export all data from apiman 1.2.0.Final
    • Import previously exported apiman data 1.2.0.Final
    • Data Migration from previous versions of apiman 1.2.3.Final
    • Transformation tools for exported apiman data
    • Import APIs from an API Catalog 1.2.0.Final
    • Import APIs from a WADL URL
    • Import APIs from a Swagger URL
  • Customization Points
    • API Key Generation 1.2.0.Final
    • Data Encryption (when encrypting configuration data for storage) 1.2.0.Final
    • Policy Failure/Error Response Formatting 1.2.0.Final

1.2 Release Notes

1.2.0.Final (2016 January 11)
1.2.1.Final (2016 January 22)
1.2.2.Final (2016 February 29)
1.2.3.Final (2016 March 23)
1.2.4.Final (2016 April 22)
1.2.5.Final (2016 April 26)
1.2.6.Final (2016 May 24)
1.2.7.Final (2016 June 22)
1.2.8.Final (2016 September 27)
1.2.9.Final (2017 January 6)

    Feature Released In
  • Policies
    • OAuth2 1.1.0.Final
    • HTTP Security Headers (HSTS, CSP, X-Frame-Options, etc) 1.1.0.Final
    • Simple Header Manipulation (add, remove, pattern-match, etc) 1.1.0.Final
    • Authorization (Role/Group based access control) 1.1.2.Final
    • Enhanced BASIC and OAuth2 authorization support 1.1.2.Final
    • OAuth2 Kerberos token delegation 1.1.3.Final
    • URL Rewriting 1.1.6.Final
    • Caching 1.1.6.Final
    • JSONP 1.1.1.Final
    • JSON/XML Transformation (convert between those formats, in and out) 1.1.4.Final
    • Quotas (# requests) 1.1.6.Final
    • Quotas (# bytes) 1.1.6.Final
  • API Gateway
    • Shared State async component 1.1.0.Final
    • Mutual authentication between gateway and back-end services (i.e. certificate-based two-way SSL/TLS)1.1.3.Final
    • BASIC authentication over SSL between gateway and back-end services1.1.3.Final
    • Custom/Plugin implementations of core Gateway components1.1.5.Final
    • Vert.x 3 based implementation Tech Preview in 1.1.6.Final
  • API Manager
    • New "About apiman" page 1.1.2.Final
    • Integration with Swagger 1.1.3.Final
    • Custom/Plugin implementations of core Manager components1.1.5.Final
  • Fabric8 Integration
    • Convert the UI to an angularjs/hawtio plugin 1.1.0.Final
    • Create an elasticsearch API Manager backend 1.1.0.Final
    • Create elasticsearch implementations of the API Gateway components 1.1.0.Final
  • Service Metrics - collect in API Gateway and report in API Manager 1.1.4.Final
  • Unit testing framework for plugin Policies 1.1.3.Final
  • Re-usable/extensible micro-services for the API Manager and API Gateway 1.1.5.Final
  • EAP 6.4 runtime support 1.1.6.Final
  • Application Metrics - collect in API Gateway and report in API Manager 1.1.6.Final

1.1 Release Notes

1.1.0.Final (2015 April 11)
1.1.1.Final (2015 April 22)
1.1.2.Final (2015 May 7)
1.1.3.Final (2015 June 2)
1.1.4.Final (2015 July 6)
1.1.5.Final (2015 July 22)
1.1.6.Final (2015 Aug 14)
1.1.7.Final (2015 Aug 21)
1.1.8.Final (2015 Sep 10)
1.1.9.Final (2015 Oct 23)

    Feature Released In
  • API Manager
    • REST API to manage Organizations, Services, Plans, Applications 1.0.0.Beta1
    • Organization membership with roles 1.0.0.Beta1
    • User Interface with Dashboard, Provider interface, Consumer interface 1.0.0.Beta1
    • Import services from WADL, Artificer, Swagger, etc...
    • Auditing of all entity (e.g. Org, Service, App) changes 1.0.0.Beta1
    • Gateway management (support multiple gateways) 1.0.1.Final
    • Retire a Service/Unregister an App 1.0.1.Final
    • Lock Plans before they can be used 1.0.1.Final
  • API Gateway
    • Embeddable policy engine with async API 1.0.0.Beta1
    • Standard WAR implementation 1.0.0.Beta1
    • Support for HTTP based services 1.0.0.Beta1
    • Asynchronous components available to policies: HttpClient 1.0.0.Beta1
    • Policy application to Request, Response, and data (body) streams 1.0.0.Beta1
  • Policies
    • BASIC Authentication 1.0.0.Beta1
    • Rate Limiting 1.0.0.Beta1
    • IP Filtering 1.0.0.Beta1
    • Ignored Resources 1.0.1.Final
    • CORS 1.0.3.Final
  • Fabric8 Integration
    • Integration with the fabric8 gateway (policy engine) 1.0.1.Final
  • WildFly 8 runtime support 1.0.0.Beta1
  • Clone a version (App, Service, Plan) 1.0.1.Final
  • Support "public" services (can be invoked without a Contract) 1.0.1.Final
  • Plugin framework - contribute policies 1.0.3.Final
  • Plugin framework - contribute policy configuration forms based on JSON Schema 1.0.3.Final

1.0 Release Notes

1.0.0.Beta1 (2014 Nov 21)
1.0.0.Final (2014 Dec 18)
1.0.1.Final (2015 Jan 06)
1.0.2.Final (2015 Jan 29)
1.0.3.Final (2015 Feb 17)